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Finalist-PhilBlogAwards 2010
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Saturday, June 28, 2008


Bro. Erle Frayne Argonza y Delago

Wars fatten financiers’ purses. This has been an established fact, a modus operandi of abominable usurers since the time of the Greek and Italian city-states yet.

The modus is simple, though complex in their implementation. The financier oligarchs, planning behind the scenes, would identify sources of potential conflict, reasons for launching them, and then finance war machines on both sides of the competing parties. Whoever wins hardly matters at all, what matters is that the financiers win all of the time.

This was experimented early during the time yet of the Greek city-states. At the height of its glory, Athens’ oligarchs decided to go on ceaseless war operations that were funded by them, with the aim of course of cashing on the efforts thereafter. The result was the catastrophic Peloponnesian Wars and the Dark Age that followed thereafter and drastically ended the historic Homeric golden age.

The same pattern can be observed in the launching of the Crusade wars. Venice provided the logistics, while Normandy provided the main warfront assets. The result was the Dark Age of that epoch, accompanied by bubonic plagues, depopulations, and Inquisitorial genocides. It took two hundred (200) years of Renaissance (Western renaissance for that matter) in order to get the West out of that rut.

Fast forward to the 20th century, the similar pattern of oligarchic machinations created monsters on both camps of the West. Lenin and Trotsky, funded by the financiers, were entrusted with the mission of terminating the Russian tsar and creating the totalitarian dream of the Fabian socialists. Massive inputs of funds and technologies were then secretly infused in creating the industrial-military complex of the Stalinist regime, ready for its forthcoming mission of an apocalytic clash with the fascists.

The same oligarchic cabal then created the monster of fascism, both of Mussolini and Hitler. They funded the industrial-military complex of Germany in particular, and then waited in the wings for the world war II to happen. How could Hitler’s group of black magic occult paupers (see Germanenorden and Vril Society) ever rise to power and create a huge movement and war machine without massive funding from the oligarchs? And that oligarchy included the Vatican by the way.

The very same financier oligarchs created the military-industrial complex of the United States of America. The same oligarchic cabal enjoy, till these days, the privilege of undertaking armaments production without having to pass through bidding procedures. So much rent-seeking takes place in the process, reeking colossal profits for the same oligarchic families.

The same families today control the financial flows of the globe. The British control 34% while Americans (control) 18%, thus bringing to 52% the control by the Anglo-Saxon oligarchs of total financial flows. Add the control by the Dutch, French, German, Venetian and Japanese, and you can see their almost total control of the world’s financial flows. (See derivatives controls in the Bank of International Settlements.)

Being in control of financial flows, it is most appropriate for the greedy financiers to foment frontier wars everywhere. Instant fireworks anywhere in the planet today instantly induce massive cross-border financial flows in that area of the planet. The resultant cross-border flows can then induce synchronic cross-border financial flows in the other continents for that matter.

This is what makes terrorist movements important for the financiers. Through the CIA, MI6 and related intelligence arms, terrorist movements can be constituted, funded, and then launched. The symphonies of terror attacks everywhere across the planet would be the most desired Wagnerian notes of the financiers, whose purses will fatten perpetually just by waging micro-conflicts in different countries.

Even nuclear arms have already been re-tooled and re-engineered by the military-industrial complexes of the oligarchy’s Northern hemisphere to adjust to frontier wars and micro-conflicts. The Balkans were the guinea pigs of the same weaponry arsenal way back in the 1990s yet, and the successes accruing on those experiences have emboldened military-industrial complexes to perfect the same weapons systems for present and future uses.

In my own country, I learned along the way that the insurgent movements here always had the hands of international intelligence units of the North at their very inception. The Maoist New Peoples’ Army had involved the CIA (agent Ninoy Aquino) in its founding and linkaging with the Communist Party of the Philippines (Maoist), and then infused with CIA agents in its hierarchy who maneuvered US arms to be used by them that came straight from the former military bases here. The Muslim insurgencies also involved American spies at their inception, and quid pro quo negotiations with Americans should the insurgents win in the south. The Abu Sayyaf was organized and trained by the CIA to serve as contingent Islam force against the pro-Soviet government of Afghanistan in the 1980s.

Documentations of British intelligence involvement in the formation of the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt are classic case studies of the machinations of the oligarchy in the Arab lands. It is now history that the same brotherhood became the base for forming jihadists and mujahideens of many countries, involving both the Sunni and Shi’ite forces.

No matter what continent we may examine, we are always confronted with the machinations of the financiers in the mounting of wars and terror operations. Wars without end means fattened purses without end. That is how demonic the minds of the financiers are characterzied, purely greedy and demonic.

[Writ 22 June 2008, Quezon City, MetroManila]


Mattwilkie said...

I have wondered for the last few years regarding a "secret society" existance due to the way that Bush came to power and also the way Tony Blair operated including many lies which would have at any other time been regarded as treason. Dragging the UK into the war in Iraq based on lies (the truth he already knew). Now they are both left/leaving power they sit back with big grins much richer than they arrived and their close friends, just makes me wonder how well these things were connected and the way everything came about.
The war(s) have made a lot of rich people richer, including contractors that were bidding for oil rights / security contracts before the first shots were ever fired. The only major player that seems to stand on its own is China. But I wonder if Chinas growth will also be its downfall due to huge borrowing. If the West goes into full recession then there is no need for huge quantities of imports if people start tightening belts. It would be the only way to hurt China without actually getting into a full scale war.

Erle Frayne Argonza y Delago said...

Nice reflections about the 'secret society' that is hardly secret nowadays. Many peoples the world over are now aware of the machinations of the global elites, and the increase in vocally concerned ones is multiplying in exponential fasion... As to China, it's not much the borrowing but the lending. China didnt go thru a borrowing phase to shore up its internal savings and investments, it accumulated them on the basis of its own internal resources and savings. The problem of China now is to unload the over $1 Trillion huge savings and reserves, more so that the dollar's value is falling worldwide. China is awash with cash and foreign reserves, and will not be affected by the downslides of Europe and USA, only but a minor hiccup in case of recession.

Matt said...

The biggest problem we have is no country is without its elite families in some form and to change the way they operate would be a very difficult and near impossible task to do so. Most people pretend these things dont really exist but coming from a military family and getting promotion above "Captain" generally means you have come from the "right family background" in other words old money. Same goes for employment. Too many people assume they didnt get promotion or the job they went for because of the other person being better qualified or more experience etc.
But from experience it rarely has anything to do with it, most employment in the UK can be based on the first 20seconds of an interview people know if they like your or not the moment you walk into the room and thats what gets people positions that sometimes if they didnt go to school with the companies owners son or went to the same school they wouldnt even get a look at the job due to being under qualified. The Elites of this world play a greater role than they admit and at every opportunity they would sell someone out for their own benefit.

Erle Frayne Argonza y Delago said...

Matt, you're right there about the meritocracy system (promotions, professional advancement) and the elite's omnipresence in all societies. The elites of all countries appear to be competing, but at this juncture they are beginning to converge in their interests. We have mergers and more mergers, corporations becoming more gigantic by the year. In steel, eventually there will only be 3 steel companies controlling global steel (Mittal is the 1st of the giants here). In agriculture, Monsanto has now controlled seed production, and is still gobbling up more national-level companies, making it the near sole global giant. It will take time before an 'asset cap' policy can be instituted world-wide, this being the final death knell to oligarchism. It will come, it will be instituted by a global regulating mechanism (world goverment), but maybe not in our time. Before that, the same elites will do lots of more damages to the planet and nations, as their World War III plan is moving fast on track (this will be a 30 Years War type actually). That will be their undoing, which will move the clock later towards the 'asset clip' policy and formation of world government, and the oligarchy's end. There will be millionaires after that, but no more oligarchs.