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Finalist-PhilBlogAwards 2010
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Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Erle Frayne Argonza y Delago

Good morning, Fellows across the globe!

Let me continue to write awareness-raising materials about peace, cooperation and development, by focusing on the machinations of the financier oligarchs. The Empire is rising again, the logic being that it is a most fit governance machine for global oligarchic games and forthcoming conflicts.

Guessing gamers have been busy releasing speculations about the next financiers’ great war, and the state machinery that will undertake it. Lacking sophistication in political economy, the guessing gamers end up with superstitious sloganeering and fear-mongering, or reactive behaviors that hardly possess merit and serious attention by the more adroit minds of younger generations.

Following the historic patterns of Empire formations, it has always proved fruitful to wage synchronized conflicts and fatten the oligarchic purses in the process, if an empire formation would do the hot-work jobs for the oligarchs. The last Empire that did the massive aggression for the Anglo-Dutch oligarchs was dubbed as 3rd Reich by its created abomination, Hitler & Nazi movement.

The same Anglo-Dutch financiers, who control at least 80% of the world’s total financial flows, are itching to create a 4th Reich totalitarian state. It is time for a great war, the result of which will flatten the economies and enterprises of contending nations. The wrecked enterprises will then be bought at dirt cheap price by the same oligarchs, and the flattened economies funded back to life by the same financiers.

The question is, just exactly what oligarchic state formations to employ? The EU and USA each produce over 22% of the world gross product, or altogether produce 45% of GDP. The Anglo-Dutch financiers, on the other hand, control over 80% of the global financial flows. Using such data, it is very easy to see the congruence of continental economies and financier interests.

In my analysis, using a combination of institutional analysis and political economy, the combined EU-USA force would be excellent for creating the draconian 4th Reich. Of course, the possibility of a North American Union can be examined, but such a Union doesn’t have the purse power to leverage political strength, do understand this. On the other hand, the EU cannot impose its will on the USA without public dissent being aroused to hell fires, and so no USA-EU political integration is in the offing.

The web of institutional arrangements will see a mega-alliance of USA-controlled North America and a Brussels-based European Union. The trans-Atlantic alliance is a last-ditch effort of the same financiers to exhibit muscle power over the planet, and only the USA-EU axis remains as the loyal consenter to the financier machinations. Japan can still veer away from the axis, while the emerging markets’ giants—China, India, Brazil—are beyond the ambit of such machinations.

The institutional plan calls for the implementation of the final treaty in Europe, the Lisbon Treaty, that will see the advanced unification of the continent. Synchronically, a North American Union, with a common currency called Amero, will replace the NAFTA, complete the political unification process, and form the American bulwark of the new fascist axis. That done, the 4th Reich will be in place, rock-solid in armaments and awash with liquidities for more ambitious, gigantic war efforts.

Part of the governance innovations will be to abolish nations in both continents. Region-states will rise to replace the nations, each region being almost of equal population and size. With no more nations in Europe, the nuclear arsenal of France and UK will be placed in the custody of Brussels, thus transforming Brussels into a nuclear power overnight.
Transformed into police states, both continents will then wage population-control campaigns in the neighborhoods.

Gangster groups will logically be deputized to augment police in searching for guns, drugs, insurgent evidences, terrorist cells, petty criminals, and other perceived enemies of the state. Those young ones engaging in binge drinking and sex orgy parties will also most likely be apprehended.

To accelerate public compliance toward the new order, riots can be engineered in cities across both continents. Food price hikes, oil price hikes, massive unemployment, social welfare cuts, overnight hyper-inflation are the most contentious issues that easily inflame quiet neighborhoods into angry urban mobs. Any high school student taking up a subject on sociology can very facilely see this possibility today. It has already been tried and tested across the globe in fact most recently.

While the continental backyards are being provided draconian order by police forces, the military assets will then flex their muscles for huge wars overseas. To ensure that competing regions and continents will be mowed down fast, inter-regional wars will be engineered. The Sunni-Israel versus Iran-Shiite war is now on the pipeline, waiting for a go-signal, a conflict that will see the weakening of the Semitic military establishments and economies, thus paving the way for less costly involvement there.

Other continents will surely see their own war fireworks fanned to the maximum most likely. It would be an instructive work to analyze and forecast the shaping of events there. For instance, the China-Taiwan and inter-Korean conflicts may ensue again on their 2nd phases. Japanese aggression may also be pursued on a 2nd phase, which could see the Japanese islands devastated with nukes combined with the Tesla Earthquake Machine to put an abrupt end to its zealous militarism.

To cap the article, it is a Trans-Atlantic 4th Reich that is now fast rising. How fast the citizens of both America and Europe can neutralize the abominations now shaping up in their backyards remains to be observed. One this is sure here: it doesn’t matter who will be president of the USA or EU. The financiers and their paid technocratic-political subalterns have already ensured that the oligarchy is in control of the situation.

[Writ 22 June 2008, Quezon City, MetroManila]


Anonymous said...

I agree with a majority of your post. I have seen a steep turnround on racial hate growing within the UK. BUT much of it is hidden from the eyes of the average person by the media. Only time it hits the mainstream is when the articles are related to "Racial Rioting" which has a habit of one riot becoming several in poorer communities throughout the United Kingdom. When Margret Thatcher was in power she wanted a return to the "Victorian Years" and she just might get it the way things are going. Where there is only Upper and lower classes the middle classes will be wiped out and with mounting economic debt and the inability for things to recover short term its becoming more likely.

Anonymous said...

Hi Matt! That's very revealing information you shared, thanks for these. By golly, it seems the UK is headed for racist-fascist downspin! And that's only the UK reportage you shared. Most likely across the continent similar patterns can be registered. I wish the daring Europeans would come out and blog about the racist attacks and mental downspin. The events are now happening very fast, very dizzying downspin pace, straining our own efforts to vigilantly observe and counter them.

Anonymous said...

Hi Matt! That's very revealing information you shared, thanks for these. By golly, it seems the UK is headed for racist-fascist downspin! And that's only the UK reportage you shared. Most likely across the continent similar patterns can be registered. I wish the daring Europeans would come out and blog about the racist attacks and mental downspin. The events are now happening very fast, very dizzying downspin pace, straining our own efforts to vigilantly observe and counter them.

kyupol said...

this is why gold and storable food is the way to go.

LaMataMatt said...

Hi Erle,
the problems within the racial attacks is the majority of the crimes are hidden and kept low key. Most never reach the media until out of control. But before it could be based on White against Asian, African or other races. But the wind has changed a lot in the last 10 years. Although there is an increasing under current of racial tension with whites against other races the majority of the population were brought up in an enviroment where races mixed in school and work so even when not happy with things they grumble. The problem is the generations that are now leaving school where race is becoming a bigger issue where the government currently blames inflation, lack of unskilled jobs and over priced housing at the doorsteps of migrant workers and immigrants. Although not the same to the end of world war one where poverty and unemployment were a lot higher it was similar attributes that brought Hitler to power.
The other racial hate and crimes that increasing are surprisingly from Minorities on minorities a prime example of this taking place is :-

Im sure what is going on with different communities and attitudes towards each other. I know many of the Jamaican and Pakistani youths of today hate each other and also with the influx of Somalians and eastern Europeans coming for work that the problems are only going to keep increasing. Stabbings and shootings are increasing and although some can be put down to gang activities most of the victims are attack just because of race.
Now after working within a lot of these communities over the years the biggest problem i find is isolation of communties that remain an "Indian", "Africian" or "Chinese" community for example rather than becoming part of the larger community where race isnt taken into account and people are people. I dont know where the UK is heading but the reason im here in Cebu with my wife rather than the UK is i feel its safer here for April.

Erle Frayne Argonza y Delago said...

Copy follow through info, Matt. Bad indeed that the world is moving to a regression of sorts. I myself grew up in a multi-ethnic, multi-racial culture from childhood on through college and graduate school days. My generation was of a different breed from my parents who were less ethnically tolerant. Happily, multi-culturalism is on the upswing in the urban areas in the Philippines, though in the small towns and rural areas we still have some longer way to go to check ethnic intolerance...It's really bad that the trends in Europe are going through a regression. These are mere evidences of how the situation is being orchestrated by unseen forces, to prepare the way for a totalitarian justification--of a police state. There is still time for Europeans themselves to work harder so that civil liberties will be respected while engaging the atomized ethnic groups in dialogues. We Asians will support the European citizens in your efforts.

Anonymous said...

Hi Erle,
the biggest problem that faces the UK (im not sure on the media on other european countries)is media coverage and the way it picks at stories only showing what it chooses rather than the big picture. Not only for its poor reporting of incidents and hiding the facts that people really need to do but the forced idealism of selfish greed. Media led by consumer buying needing the latest cars,mobile phones,clothes etc. Instead of what is really needed in life which is a good strong family environment and respect for other human beings and the fact that governments,media etc. need to stop putting people into groups and more pushing of the fact we are all humans and that colour and religion are part of being a person but the most important is we are all people. Where Europe is heading i dont know and what the future holds is still uncertain. But extreme views seem to be surfacing and if you take Frances current leader they seem to be heading towards a country of an older era.