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Finalist-PhilBlogAwards 2010
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Monday, September 29, 2008


Bro. Erle Frayne Argonza

Magandang umaga! Good morning!

Well, there seems to be nothing good this morning if you measure ‘good’ in terms of the absence of wars and hostilities, crimes and killings, or any massive destructive engagements the world over. There are still many positive things happening today, and so amid the darkness that is now blanketing the planet, the Light remains steadfast Above and, hopefully, Within us.

For this moment let me share some notes about the quality of mind that has ascended today: the Demonic Mind. Earth is a Fallen Planet, sure, and this reminds us that it hardly warrants to stress our attention of the demonic mind at all. I also confirmed in a previous article that all of us possess an Inner Demon which congeals in our ‘double’ or ‘doppelganger’, this being our dark facet that persistently moves us to the brims of
destructive engagements.

What I wish to stress is that today there is this characteristic growing divide between essentially two sections of our world population: on the one hand are those people whose respective Inner Demon has become ascendant, and whose own Higher Selves had ceased to operate effectively; on the other hand, are people whose own respective Christ Self (or Love Self) has been permeating so strongly the ego and effectively clipping the dark facets of the self.

For simplification, let us refer to those whose dark facet is ascendant as the Demonic Type or ‘demonoids’ or Anti-Man, while those whose Light facet is ascendant as the Human Type or ‘humans’ or Man par excellence. What is lamentable is that the broad world context had shifted or has been shifting in impermanent state and had consequently led to the re-ascendance of the demonoids over the truly humans. The spirit of the Anti-Man is ascendant, reinforced as such by the pervasive spirit of the Anti-Christ, personified by Ahriman himself who today has an embodiment in America.

When both Anti-Christ and Anti-Man are ascendant, Dark Age will prevail. I am confident to raise this thesis, as there were contexts in the past when counterveiling forces can checkmate such an ascendance and bring back humanity to the sanity track. When both Anti-Christ and Anti-Man are on the ascendant, insanity or madness becomes the common, accepted modality of living.

In the private sphere, the Dark ascendance (to shorten Anti-Christ & Anti-Man) is reinforced by the rationalizations embodied in the cliché ‘evil is cool’. You can very easily verify this just by reviewing the video games that kids play today, where violence, sex, killings, and anger are practically celebrated like life trophies. Check out on the forms and levels of criminalities and madness today, combine the facts you derive from the broadsheet and tabloid news, and you can paint a broader canvass of madness on the ascendant.

In the public sphere, more so in the global sphere, there is now the growing penchant for a ‘rule of law’, the climactic zenith of which is a ‘world rule of law’ in a ‘pax U.N.’. Because the Dark Ones (global elites) have already galvanized their plans of fomenting anarchy and chaos everywhere, it has become easier to make people kowtow to the cliché of a ‘rule of law’ that will make Order sacrosanct. It is precisely this acceptance of a ‘rule of law’ that will allow the mass to accept totalitarian regimes in both their national backyards and the global arena (eclipsed in due time by a global state arising from the UN).

Why this context had come about can be simplified as follows:

· Across epochs, Light Beings—embodied as saints, rishis, yogi-Christs, yogis, mystics—have come and gone. Their immense work have left indelible marks of the ascent of the Christ consciousness within those folks who were most amenable to Higher Lessons of wisdom and truth.

· Having done their tasks, the same Light Beings effected the crystallization of an energy grid called the ‘Christ Grid’ in the electro-magnetic field or EMF of the planet.

· With the completion of the Christ Grid, there is now a readiness for a leap in consciousness. Those who are most permeable by Light will increasingly clip their own dark facets and become Light Workers and Light Helpers.

· Necessarily, by way of the Law of Polarity, the said developments had ignited forces that will counterveil against the permeation of Light on the self and the galvanization of the Christ Grid on the EMF.

If the Christ Grid is up, then the Christ has ‘returned’, and so the law of duality/polarity will necessitate a balancing of the context with the embodiment of the Anti-Christ on the first plane. This development follows cosmic or ‘natural law’ actually. No matter how alarming the new situation has become, it is a natural consequence of the cosmic laws.

Where does each one of us stand during these moments of ascendancy of the Dark Side in the physical plane? Note that this is just in the PHYSICAL PLANE, or the ‘biophysical plane’, in as much as the Christ Grid is positioned solidly in the ‘other side’ or EMF of Earth. Again, Fellows, where do we stand, where are we situated?

Where do you go from here?

[Writ 20 August 2008, Quezon City, MetroManila.]

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Greimmy Roma said...

What a description of present mentality. Very informative!