Finalist-PhilBlogAwards 2010

Finalist-PhilBlogAwards 2010
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Monday, March 15, 2010


Hello Partners, Global friends!

I'm back from a sabbatical leave from blogging. A long story about why I was seemingly monastic for a while, so I guess I better extend my apology to you readers and my friend followers.

I'm back and as iconoclastic as ever, trying as much as possible to think outside the box. There are issues that I have to contend with though, which will make me borrow some boxed thoughts just so that I can effectively get my message through.

As a revitalization message, I am re-echoing the nationalist agenda for my country the Philippines and for other countries now that are being threatened by the destructive synarchist operations of the global oligarchy. Nations were created by the people and the Divine Mother, and in no way will we citizens of nation-states just stand still and watch our homes be destroyed by the wars and crimes committed by the 'military industrial complex' of global elites.

Nationalism is a progressive ideology in my country and many states, and my nationalism shouldn't be confused with the moribund nationalism of ethno-nationalists, fascists and nazis. I speak of progressivist nationalism which liberates peoples from shackles of imperialist, fascist, and emerging neo-Bonapartist oppressions.

So, in consonance with this progressivist nationalism, the same nationalism that inspired spiritual leaders such as Gandhi and Martin Luther King, I will share thoughts on diverse themes, inclusive of those eventualities related currently to the national polls in the Philippines (May elections).

For all pro-nation and pro-people global citizens, carpe diem!


Lucio Xanadu said...

The agenda should be the in-thing for decades to come. Hope another Villar comes to lead the country finally.

Brad Maling said...

This agenda is far from PNoy's mind. Who else can have put it into place other than Villar?