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Finalist-PhilBlogAwards 2010
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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Erle Frayne D. Argonza

Gracious greetings from this Fellow of the spiritual Brotherhood!

It’s just 81 weeks and a few days remaining before the planetary ascension on 21 December 2012. The shift towards the New Earth is now moving at dizzying pace of acceleration or ‘quickening’.

As the quickening happens, crackpots’ false prophecies—that deceive, disinform, obfuscate—are also quickening in crescendo vogue. We felt this crescendo of the psychotic crackpots this very month as many went out all the way to claim two events: (a) ‘end of the world’ will happen on the 21st of May, and (b) planetary ascension will happen May 11.

While the 21st of May 2011 came out with a big bang of noise, the May 11 planetary ascension—accompanied by Earth’s entry to the photonic belt—was muted. The May 21st event’s heraldry, led by the crackpot named Camping who leads a Born Again cult in America, was accordingly well funded (by the billions of dollars), so it was launched as a global campaign for public awareness with relative success.

The relative success means that the campaign did catch the attention of the global audiences and readers. The latter were amused and entertained by the crackpot and his psychologically dysfunctional followers (90% of those joining fundamentalist groups are psychologically disordered types) whose paranoia led them to strongly believe in the Rapture event—of being moved up to higher space by Jesus and/or the Almighty Father.

As to the muted May 11 event prophets, the heralds were largely spiritist mediums or channelers. They proclaimed the event in the 1990s yet, in the pages of the defunct I am fortunate enough to have archived the articles in that website from 1991 through 2001, and read hundreds of channeling articles there ( a dead site by 2002).

The channelers’ contention is that May 11, 2011 will be the day when Earth will ascend to higher dimension. Also, Earth will move to the photonic belt. Accordingly, the message was channeled by a command center of benign extraterrestrial intelligeces or ETIs.

It’s now the end of May as I write this month-ender assessment report. Not one of those crackpot prophecies have taken place, unless I must be delusional myself and not realizing that they may have left Earth already. I wish that departure called Rapture happened as they expected, so that we can have a reduction of dysfunctionals and demoniacs on the physical plane, but sadly they are still around.

As it was in the 1994 prophecy, so it is in this May 2011 prophecies. False prophecies by delusional persons who number by the hundreds of millions today is rising at crescendo rate, as mentioned, revealing how gargantuan is the portion of the global population who are controlled by Abominations located in the astral plane and the dark spaces of the universe.

I have no wish than the Divine Plan be executed soon enough, which includes the transfer of the crackpots to planets other than Earth that befit their own levels of awareness. When that time comes, many on Earth will rejoice and say “good riddance” unto the crackpots.

[Philippines, 30 May 2011]


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