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Sunday, February 26, 2012



Erle Frayne D. Argonza

The world is going urban and no force whatsoever, save for geological cataclysm of a planetary scale, can wreck the social phenomenon of urbanization. My own country PH is now 70% urban population-wise, which is in far contrast to what it was once during my birthyear of 1958 when 85% of people were rural peasants and fisherfolks.

Cities were the ones that drove the domestic economies to higher growth, industrialization, services expansion, and international trade competencies. True they did manifest the negative sides to urbanization that are human ecology concerns that need to be addressed with determination. But cities overall are citadels of civilation or culture-building and economic development.

As a summary of global urban development, a book was published recently by the United Nations Habitat that deals with the subject of economic role of cities. Below is the update news about the matter.

[Philippines, 10 February 2012]


Economic Role of Cities
Global Urban Economic dialogue series (Series title)

This report examines the economic role of cities. It illustrates the important contributions of cities to national economic development and poverty reduction. It looks at the agglomeration economies, city clusters, city regions and mega city regions.

Other titles in Global Urban Economic dialogue series:

  • Economic Development and Housing Markets in Hong Kong and Singapore 2011
  • Economic Role of Cities 2011
  • Fiscal Decentralisation in Philippines 2011
  • Gender and Economic Development 2011
  • Impact of Global Financial Crisis on Housing Finance 2011
  • Infrastructure for Poverty Reduction and Economic Development in Africa 2011
  • Microfinance, Poverty Reduction and Millennium Development Goals 2011
  • Organisation, Management and Evaluation of Housing Cooperatives in Kenya 2010
  • Public-Private Partnership in Housing and Urban Development 2011

The Sub Prime Crisis: The Crisis of Over-Spending 2011

DOWNLOAD: (2,439 Kb)

ISBN Series Number: 978-92-1-132027-5
ISBN: 978-92-1-132361-0
HS Number: 067/11E
Series Title: Global Urban Economic dialogue series
Pages: 56
Year: 2012
Publisher: UN-HABITAT
Co-Publisher : - Not available -
Languages: English
Themes: Urban Finance, Urban Economy and Financing Shelter
Branch/Office: Urban Economy and Finance

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