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Sunday, July 08, 2012



Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

A more circumstantial myth is recorded from the Kei Islands in the extreme south-east of the Indonesian area. According to this tale, there were three brothers and two sisters in the upper sky-world. While fishing one day, Parpara, the youngest of the brothers, lost a fish-hook which he had borrowed from Hian, his oldest brother, who, angered by the loss of the hook, demanded that it be found and returned to him. After much fruitless search, the culprit met a fish who asked him what his trouble was, and who, on learning the facts, promised to aid in the search, at length discovering another fish who was very ill because of something stuck in its throat. The object proved to be the long-lost hook, which the friendly fish delivered to Parpara, who thus was able to, restore it to its owner. Parpara, however, determined to have his revenge upon his brother, and so he secretly fastened a bamboo vessel full of palm liquor above Hian's bed in such a way that when the latter rose, he would be almost certain to upset it. The expected happened, and Parpara then demanded of his brother that he return to him the spilled liquor. Hian endeavoured, of course fruitlessly, to gather it up, and in his efforts dug so deeply into the ground that he made an opening clear through the sky-world. Wondering what might lie below, the brothers determined to tie one of their dogs to a long rope and lower him through the aperture; and when they had done this, and the dog had been drawn up again, they found white sand sticking to his feet, whereupon they resolved to go down themselves, although the other inhabitants of the heaven-world refused to accompany them thither. Sliding down the rope, the three brothers and one of the sisters, together with their four dogs, safely reached the world which lay below, and which was thus discovered for the first time. As the second sister was descending, however, one of the brothers chanced to look up, at which his sister was so ashamed that she shook the rope and was hauled up by the other sky-people. In this way the three brothers with their sister were the first occupants of the world and became the ancestors of the human race.

The Sky-world is signifier for the spiritual dimensions. This narrative reveals the preparations made in the said dimensions to check out on the new planet Terra at the edge of the Milky Way that seemed ready to support life.

3 Brothers and 2 Sisters refer to beings in the spiritual domains, notably creator beings, who could have been ready to check out on new planet. ‘Sliding down the rope’ reveals the ‘rope’ as the gold cord of the higher beings, which they can extend during their probes on Terra (traveling while probing signified by ‘sliding down’).

The Dog is often than not signifier for Sirius. Broadly, it signifies evolved species from higher dimensions, who are well immersed in higher Light which equates to their loyalty or undying devotion to the Supreme Being. Such ‘dogs’ were thus trusted enough to begin probes and aid the creator beings in experimenting on breeding early humans at the beginning of the 4th Evolutionary Round.

4 Dogs going under signifies 1 ‘dog’ for each of the four (4) ‘root-races’ –the 2 Pangean races, the Lemurian, and Atlantean—as products of the creative works of the early pitris or fathers. Polynesians are remnants of the 3rd race (Lemurians), while Malays and IndoMongolians were of the 4th root race (Atlantean).

The liquor mentioned is referent for the domain of the fire element—the 4th plane. That’s the causal or ‘higher mental’ plane, the higher of the two planes of Devachan or heaven-worlds. Just one notch lower than the 5th plane, the lowest of three (3) spiritual planes.

[Philippines, 21 June 2011]





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