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Sunday, November 11, 2007


By: Erle Frayne Argonza

[Excerpts. Originally titled “The Fraternity of Malevolent Oligarchs & the Iraq War.” Delivered as a speech at the Earthlite, Quezon City, Metro Manila, on Oct. 2003. See also:]

One of the most shocking knowledge that had reached me, through 25 years of inquiry, is the existence of a malevolent secret society whose Initiates have been conspiring for world domination ever since itsfounding in 1776. I am referring particularly to the Illuminati, established by the Bavarian JosephWeishaupf, a Jesuit and Freemason, which supposedly uses rituals of the fire element for its initiationrites. Due to its dubious objectives and suspicious activities, the fraternity was ordered abolished bythe German princes around 1786. It was forced to go underground, with the promise that one day it shallcontrol the world's governments, oligarchs, wealth and natural resources, through a tightly hierarchical,totalitarian power arrangement.

It had since recruited fellows from among the nobles, aristocrats, and financial-commercial oligarchs.Likewise did the society recruit scientists, philosophers, artists and professors, who have servedas its articulators in the open sphere. With the great amounts of wealth at their possession, the Illuminateoligarchs were able to extend their tentacles gradually through the past centuries. Today they areable to control governments and international institutions by installing directly their fellows,called Illuminates, or by designating people from their organizational vehicles, such as the Council onForeign Relations, Tri-Lateral Commission, and Freemasonry. They control minds through variousdoctrines, and by controlling the main media corporations of the North. They control businessthrough the same means, and by a new vehicle, the Bilderberger group. They won't stop thinking of nastymeans just to ensure their steady and stable positioning over the globe.

To note, while it is true that the Illuminates represent the capitalist `Who is Who' in the northern oligarchy (Europe, North America, Japan), it is likewise true that they supported anti-capitalist revolutions to be able to (a) install totalitarian regimes under their favor, (b) who can in due time permit entry of the grand capitalists' business interests in their backyards, and © whose totalitarian regimes can serve as rationale for sending an invasion force from outside under the guise of advancing the interests of the free world. The intervention of the Illuminates, together with another secret fraternity the Priory of Sion, in the Soviet revolution, through the summoning of Vladimir Lenin with monetary support of $20 million, is classic. The American Illluminates likewise did their job, by donating millions of money to the purse of Leon Trotsky and subordinate cadres, with the order of a rendezvous with Lenin. The specific task was to exterminate the Russian Czar and family members, as a matter of revenge against a past Russian monarch's refusal to join in a conspiracy to declare the Hapsburg as the ruling house of a United Europe, with Austria as capital (the plan failed to materialize due to the Czar's non-committal inaction). Note that Lenin himself had exposure to the Ordo Templi Orientii, another secret society, and was personally initiated by the most dreaded black magician of the 20th century, Alesteir Crowley.

Saddam Hussein by the way is a high degree freemason. Likewise all the presidents of the U.S.A. arehigh-degree freemasons, plus the current president of the Palestinian Authority, Y. Arafat, and pastPremiers of Israel such as Rabin. It was the British and Americans who actually installed Hitler, aninitiate of a satanical fraternity called the Germanenorden, to power. By the same token theyinstalled Hussein to power, with the object of putting a counter-check on the possible excesses of IslamicIran. Note that the European Illuminates likewise assisted the Ayatollah Khomeini in the overthrow ofthe Shah of Iran, which eventually saw the rise of a militant version of Islam. Freemasonry, which used tobe a vehicle of the "Goodly Company"--the Great White Brotherhood, the cosmic fraternity of all spiritualmasters and their under-study assistants--was captured by the Illuminati through the penetration of thefraternity by American Illuminate Albert Pike and his brethren in the mid-19th century. The said AmericanIlluminates, so bigoted and racist as they were, were the ones behind the cabal that desired for a separate Confederate States of America, which when materialized will actually be subordinated to the British empire. Failing in their avowed goal, they managed to constitute the Ku Klux Klan to continue to harass the blacks and the true libertarians of America….So now,back to Saddam, it seems that his time is up--as it appears to us--as he has already done his assignment well, with no further purpose for the global oligarchy.

Prior to this decade, to recall, the secret government (Illuminati) was able to reverse publicpolicies all over the world from dirigiste to free market ones. They began by first hatching theneo-liberal ideology, through the University of Chicago economists Friedman and Hayek, which later waspopularized by professors of the same institute. The same doctrine became the basis for an experimentconducted through the IMF's top guinea pig, the Philippines, of a free floating exchange ratebeginning in 1969, aimed eventually at terminating the gold standard and the institutionalization of freemarkets of currencies all over the world. The gold standard was eventually killed by 1971, after thesuccessful Philippine experiment, and by then the hyper-conservatives in the North began hatching theidea of expanding the doctrine to all areas of economic life. By 1979, privatization becamesacrosanct through Britain's Thatcher. By 1980, Reagan of America extended the doctrine to deregulation,trade liberalization, and decentralization. In the 3rd world the policies came to be called `structural adjustments,' which included tax reforms, devaluation of currencies, government downsizing, and decreased budgets for social & economic services ("no to fiscal stimulation"). The national economies then became integrated into a globalized order, as the term globalization was to be popularized by the Japanese subalterns of the oligarchs such as Ohmae andFukuyama.

The objective is of course to empower Big Business all the more, so that the entire planet will be amaneuverable backyard for heightened operations. Eventually, the secret government wants nationalborders erased, as this is now happening, and a world government installed--under their auspices, of course. The events leading to the rise of the world order will see, among other things, the rise of fascisticmovements and regimes, inclusive of ones that go under new names such as Islamic fundamentalism, Christian fundamentalism, neo-realism and new utopianism. Likewise the rise of new academic doctrines such as the `clash of civilization' and the `strong state' theory. Through series of violent events world-wide, which will lead to increased panic and terror, the doctrines will increasingly rationalize the need torecede the rule of law, rule of restraint, rule of dialogue, and civil liberties, and, consequently, thelegitimation of fascist totalitarian regimes. Let us take a cursory glance at some of the sordidoperations of this cabal of sinister plotters. Through a liberalized currency market throughout theworld, the financier Illuminates, through the front man George Soros, are able to effectively attack thecurrencies of various nations. George Soros' financial assets alone can affect transactions worth $100billion per day. Compare this to the dollar reserves of the Philippines of $15 billion. Combining their assets, the financial oligarchs can actually whack combinations of nations including the U.S.A. throughfinancial meltdowns alone. This they first experimented on Britain in the early 1990s. Why Britain? one may ask. Note that Britain, or England, had long lost its sovereignty, over 200 years back yet, so that the devastation of the British economy will not hurt cold-blooded evil conspirers among the British oligarchs. As mentioned earlier, the Illuminates don't know national loyalties, and will take no second thought to destroy the economies of their own countries of origin.

Through Bin Laden and his contemporaries, the Illuminates, via the British and American intelligenceagents serving as couriers, can pass on money. The money can then be forwarded to various terroristgroups in the planet, who naively believe that Bin Laden, paymaster of the oligarchical cabal, is amessiah. Note that the Bin Laden family has investments in the Bush oil companies in America. OnJune of 2001, according to counter-intelligence reports, Bin Laden was actually cited with CIA agentssomewhere in the Middle East, a clear 3 months prior to the Sept. 11 terror attack in the USA. The role of terrorist groups is to create maximum organized chaos, as they actually receive instructions from British & American espionage handlers. Every time terrorist trouble occurs in one hot spot in the planet, massive funds transfers occur in that area due to financial panic. The British oligarchs control 36%of the world's financial flows, and the Americans 15%, or a total 51% controlled by just two groups ofoligarchs who will benefit the most from such funds transfers. Thus, the terrorists supplement the worksof aboveground speculators and fund managers represented by George Soros. Aside from this, theterrorist champions also serve as assassins for the oligarchs and intelligence agencies, as this task wasalready perfected in the 1960s yet, to recall the likes of Italy's Red Army and Carlos "The Jackal."Through the espionage rings, the Illuminates are able to penetrate and control mafia rings all over theworld. It is through these rings that drugs and armaments transactions can be done, to be able to saltforeign currencies, earn and spend money beyond the oversight functions of accounting government agencies. Should a criminal lord know too much information, given that organized crime circles are not the best people to be trusted with information, then he can be easily terminated with dispatch. This was what befell the drug lord Escobar of Colombia, a country that only has a paper government today, where actual power resides in the hands of drug lords. In Colombia, whenever big bankers and investors from the North seek permission to establish or diversify business, they would report directly to the drug lords rather then the official government.

In the case of the control for the Presidency of the U.S.A., the classic case of Illuminati interventionwas the attempted coup d'etat on President Clinton Bill Clinton, who refused to further allow speculatorsto raid the pension and health funds, and whose wife Hilary was a militant advocate of health and pensionwelfare, was greatly weakened through the sexual offender case filed against him, a case that wasclearly masterminded by Rightwing elements and the Illuminati. The American presidency, already weakened by past machinations of American Illuminates whom the late Pres. Eisenhower refers to as the"Military-Industrial Complex" and which he fought tooth and nail behind the scenes, was weakened all themore, and remains to be a lame duck institution till this day.
Going back to the 2nd World War, a British Illuminate, Bertrand Russell, a white supremacist whomasqueraded as a peace and human rights advocate, was among those who pressed the American authorities to drop The Bomb on Japan. As Gen. McArthur correctly assessed then, Japan was already so weak as to surrender officially, and that, per report from an American spy deployed in Italy, the Japanese Emperor was in fact already negotiating for the surrender. No less than the Pope enthusiastically volunteered to intercede for the Allies, and was willing to transact with the Japanese Emperor. But behind the scene, Russell and his ilk worked ignominiously, by summoning their creations Szilard and Oppenheimer to finalize the prototype of The Bomb and convince cold-blooded hawks in the Establishment to drop Bombs on Japan. To the shock and consternation of both McArthur and Eisenhower, two Bombs were dropped on Japan, which burned innocent women, old folks and children to death.

Back to the 90s, to recall, the then Princess of the U.K., Dianne, married to Windsor, was sincerelycampaigning for the prohibition of mines, land mines or whatever, as instruments of warfare. She badly hurt the Illuminates who had billions of dollars staked in the mine business, and was embarrassing the Queen of England, a mega-investor in Illuminati network corporations added to the scandalous insult Dianne's extra-marital affairs were causing on Windsor. At the peak of her campaign, which won her international accolades, she was ordered for termination by the Illuminati, with the possible collusion of the Queen of England herself, the world's richest woman. Of course, it was made to appear that the assassination was an accident.

Here at home, we are witness to the flourishing of NGOs, which appear to be so valiantly audacious inclashing with Establishment, and sincerely philanthropic by their nature. But behind some NGOs, more so those coming from abroad to establish branches here, are British and American spies, gatheringinformation about the grassroots. Those environmental NGOs, such as the Greenpeace, by propagandizing against manufactures in the 3rd world through toxic labels as `smoke stack' industry, are actually working for the interests of financial and commercial oligarchs who want to kill 3rd world industrialization and further subordinate them through debt burdens and IMF prescriptions. These same NGOs, through works among Indigenous Peoples, have been gathering information about natural resource endowments in various ecosystems, as well as keeping stock of militants among the host populations. Human rights groups are not spared, such as the Amnesty International, that actually work for the British intelligence SAS that reports directly to the Prince of England. Some other NGOs, inclusive of inconspicuous yoga groups originating from India, are used as transit clubs for drug deals, illegalmerchandise, hot money, and information by British spies.
The Illuminates surely have working committees in Asia, comprising of notable politicians and localintelligence assets, who, while not necessarily Illuminates, are willing tools for the grip effect aim of the Illuminati in our backyard. I am sure that Fidel Ramos, Lee Kuan Yew and Anwar Ibrahim are amongthe chief articulators of Illuminati-sponsored laissez faire public policies. The monarchy of Brunei worksdirectly for the British and American intelligence community, ensuring an observation post in the region.When the Philippines 2000 (Medium Term Philippine Development Plan 1992-98) was drafted anddisseminated, I received information from the local guru F.F., an advertising man whose firm was amongthose contracted by government for a public relations blitz, that globalist diabolical fraternities arehappy over the pursuit of their policy initiatives in this country… With possibly hundreds of CIA agentsplanted in government hierarcy (both Congress & Executive), military & police, business sector, NGOs,church, media, and rebel organizations, added to the assets of the British Intelligence, the colonizing,balkanizing, and terrorizing schemes of the evil cabal will proceed to ensure control over the islands andits vast reserves of untapped energy and mineral resources, as well as to divisively control the ASEANregion. Today, they wish to destroy the autonomous ASEAN and build a military union under their control,while continuing to balkanize Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Burma, and every other country that must tow their line.

The latest scheme of the Illuminates concerning Southeast Asia is to encourage the growth ofnationalist movements under their tight grip, or which they will initiate and lead. The objective is toisolate China, which is too late for the British and Americans to destroy whether economically ormilitarily. Witness the rise of new nationalist movements in the Philippines that have begun to makeripples in the media. New movements are now being hatched in Burma, Thailand, Indonesia. The use ofthese forces differ from the Islamic terrorists, whose role is chiefly to distract and show semblance ofinvincibility through coordinated bombing runs across wide territories. The nationalist movements are legal, with counterparts being organized in the officers' corps of the national armies, and are coherent acollective force as to possibly lead national governments by the years 2004 through 2010. Thesepreparations are being done with haste today, as hardline nationalists are rising to power inside theChinese Communist Party. So, preparations are under way, as former anti-nationalist & anti-communist local spies are planted everywhere to begin `patriotic organizing.'
Let's now go back to Saddam. As one can read in the media, the plan is to fragment Iraq, with the mainSunni portion to be integrated into Jordan whose king reports to the Illuminati through the CIA and theBritish MI groups. It is too bad for Saddam's Ba'ath party, for failing to accelerate the production ofnerve gas at the minimum. The said weapons, possessed by such countries as Iran and North Korea, could have been used as a leverage, now that the northern sponsors have appeared bellicose towards Iraq. That is, with nerve gas at least, Saddam could say "let us get down and talk or else I'll bomb a million people in Israel and another 2 million in Saudi Arabia," a line that can zipper the mouths of Bush and Blair.Such is the situation for North Korea, which the Bush-Blair clowns cannot just touch due to itsdeveloped weaponry, or else a million people in South Korea and another 2-3 million in Japan can be marched to the cemeteries soon. Irony of all ironies, the U.S.A. is even building nuclear reactor breeders in North Korea worth $4 billion plus! Saddam just doesn't have his luck enough, and so he is as expendable as others before him such as the Shah of Iran. As one can see, pan-Arab nationalism--advocated by Saddam and the Ba'ath Party--used to be an effective ally of the northern oligarchs in checking the southern advance of the Soviet Union and the possible disloyalties of conservative Arab states. The era of Arab nationalism had already receded, and with its gradual withdrawal came the rise of Islam. It seems that in the new arrangement, the oligarchy is prepared to drop militant Arab nationalism in favor of militant Islam, though in appearance it seems to display some modicum of sympathy for the Palestinian state. Having lost control over Illuminati assets such as Saddam and Arafat, the global oligarchs would want the British and Americans to exercise direct control of the area itself through military presence, as they have successfully done in Afghanistan. The plan is to eventually destroy the Arab states, with the collusion of the Opus Dei forces who have been salivating for a re-conduct of the ancient Crusades to once and for all exact revenge on all Moslems. A later phase of the plan would be to destroy Iran and its client states in Central Asia, possibly with the use of satellite-guided Neutron Bombs that have been installed up in space since the Reagan era yet. Meanwhile, as the Iraq warfare scheme is being finalized in the work desks, the populations of Africa are massively decimated by famines, wars, and biological warfare experiments hatched by the evil…

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