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Finalist-PhilBlogAwards 2010
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Sunday, December 02, 2007



From: Bro. Erle Frayne Argonza, GWB

I hereby extend my most fraternal solidarity greetings to all of you officers, cadres and members of the Ang Katipunan ng mga Samahang Maharlika, on the occasion of your magnanimous national organization’s General Assembly.

Your noble organization had attained enormous progress through the past couples of years. With certitude our fellow patriots do recognize by now the potency of the AKSM and its sister organizations that comprise the Ananda Marga network. May you continue to sustain your organization’s growth till you reach the farthest extent of your potentiality and contribute in no small measure to the permeation of noble patriotic and transcendent values among our compatriots.
The challenges ahead of you are legion, so it is deemed crucial an event to reflect on the next 25-30 years and configure master plan-type of strategic courses of action. Among the highly discontinuous events that can happen over the next 30 years are: the earth changes and serial catastrophes accompanying them; the possible eradication of nation-states and the rise of a totalitarian global state; the devastation of the market economies; a global war; and, large-scale population decimations occurring as offshoots of the turbulent changes.
Prepositioning the Philippines and leveraging the strengths of our fellow Filipinos in the forthcoming decades are of the tallest orders of missions. Let us all do what we can now to prepare for those coming contingencies. I opine that the broad compass that AKSM is embarking on—of building model economic systems at the grassroots interconnected through proper institutional arrangements at all levels—is a strong pro-active course of action.
Please go ahead with your pre-defined agenda for strategic planning. Rest assured you will gain greater mileages in your future efforts through your output plan and the will to execute the determinative goals.
May the Divine Beings including your founding Master be with you all in your endeavors. May the souls of our departed founding patriots of the Philippine nation—Rizal, Bonifacio, Mabini, Quezon—also be with you always.
Long Live Maharlika! Long live all Magnanimous Maharlikans!

[Quezon City, 17 November 2007]

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