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Sunday, September 16, 2012



Erle Frayne D. Argonza

Another tale from the same tribe shows a more typical form of the story. According to this, seven parakeets one day flew down to bathe, doffing their bird garments and laying them on a bench while they made merry in the water as beautiful maid-ens. Magoenggoelota crept up and stole the garment of the youngest, who, realizing that something was wrong, called to her sisters, "Whew! I smell human flesh," at which the others were vexed and said, "Oh, how could any mortal come here? You are joking." Soon they all went out to resume their garments, but though the older sisters found theirs and donned them, the youngest was unable to perceive her own until she saw a man who held it in his hand. Her sisters had disappeared, for they had flown up to the sky; and when they arrived, they said to their mother, "Kapapitoe has gone away, for someone took her dress," at which their mother shed tears and berated them for abandoning their sister, so that they did not dare to go bathing any more. Meanwhile the younger sister wept and begged Magoenggoelota to give her back her feather garment, but he refused, saying, "Come, stop your crying. I shall do you no harm, but shall take you to my house as my wife," to which she answered, "Very well, if you will, take me with you; but first give me back my clothes." When she had promised not to fly away, he returned her feather garment, but when she put it on, he held her fast until she said, "You don't need to hold me; I will not go away, for I do not know the road. If you are fond of me, put me in your betel-box," and accordingly he took out his betel-box, put her in it, and took her to his home.

The ‘swan’ archetype in one mythos now appears as the ‘parakeet’ archetype in another. In this current version, the parakeets mutates to humans as they descended to the ‘water’ to take a bath’. It was during such descent, while their over-garments were taken off from them, that humans crept upon them, till the conclusion was the breeding with the humans.

The ‘parakeets’ were of course beings coming from the mental plane or 3rd plane (governed by air element), and were on their way down in the devolution phase of their own development. During the descent to ‘water’—the 2nd plane or astral plane (governed by water element), that the breeding with Terrans occurred.

The lore reveals that there could have been sentient beings on Earth at that time of descent of the higher dimension beings. The higher beings could be interpreted as those coming from higher level planets, who came to infuse knowledge in creating a new breed out of the morphing Terrans at that time, and they in turn embodying in those new forms.

Theos Sophia is very succinct about the coming of the ‘lunar pitris’ and ‘solar pitris’ who aided in bringing life to the almost lifeless (phlegmatic, almost animal ‘mind’ proto-humans then) forms then habituating the planet. Nature unaided cannot produce humans, as divine wisdom clearly declared as axiom.

[Philippines, 29 June 2011]





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