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Monday, October 29, 2012


Erle Frayne D. Argonza


Another tale from Victoria records the origin of woman as follows. One day Pallyan, the brother (or son?) of Pundjel, the maker of man, was playing in a deep water-hole and in so doing he thumped and thrashed the water with his hands until it became thick and muddy. At length he saw something, and parting the mass with a branch, he discovered hands and then two heads, and at last extricated two female forms, which were the first women and were given as wives to the two men whom Pundjel had already made. An origin of mankind from the sky is given by one of the tribes of the Northern Territory," who state that Atnatu, a self-created deity in the heavens, being angry at some of his children, threw them down to earth through a hole in the sky, and that these became the ancestors of the tribe. The dispersion of mankind was explained as follows by these same tribes. After men had multiplied, they became wicked; and thereupon Pundjel, coming down in anger from the skies, whither he and Pallyan had been carried by a whirlwind shortly after they had made the first human beings, with a great knife cut the people into small bits which moved and crawled about like worms. Then a great wind arose and scattered the pieces like flakes of snow far and wide over the world; and wherever they fell, they developed again into men and women. Although presenting some obvious features of missionary influence, the tale probably contains a nucleus of aboriginal thought.

In the beginning of human history, two generic or ‘root-races’ of humans evolved, both of which were asexual in birth. This theme appears in many myths across the ASEAN & Pacific. It is also found in the Bible as Adam without Eve, the ‘deep sleep of Adam’. These phases of Pangaean races are signified by two (2) men created by Pundjel who had no wives.

The advent of women signifies the arrival of sexually producing humans—of the mid-Lemurian racial families—whereupon birthing by ‘sweat-born’ and/or ‘egg-born’ ceased. Accordingly, they came from the water, ‘water’ here signifying the astral element, which means sexual reproduction evolved when Earth was still vibrating at higher frequency than today.

Atnanu as ‘self-created deity’ signifies the Spirit-Force or Supreme Being/Godhead from which we all came. Atnanu’s ‘throwing of his children down to Earth due to anger’ is a direct referent for the descent of humans to more dense environments such as what Earth can offer, this being the devolution phase of human development.

The beginnings of more individualized souls is also revealed in the narrative. The earlier souls were group-souls, the first minds were collective minds, first Thought was group-thought. That all changed with the coming of individuation, signified by the ‘cutting of humans into smaller pieces’. Theos Sophia or divine wisdom has clarified that process sufficiently.

Current occult and mystical revelations in fact go more than that, as souls were accordingly sub-divided into ‘soul fragments’. This happened as Lucifer convinced mankind to evolve by controlling their passions, an option that backfired so badly as it fragmented human souls further. That was how humans descended so lowly to the physical plane, a descent that reduced life span and made humans dependent on the bio-sphere for sustenance.

[Philippines, 30 June 2011]  





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