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Saturday, October 20, 2012


Erle Frayne D. Argonza


The second class of tales relates more directly to the origin of human beings. Myths of this type are apparently confined to the series of tribes just mentioned as having legends of the first category, but in this instance the area seems to extend as far as Tasmania. As an illustration we may take the version given by the Arunta. At the time of the retreat of the original sea to the northward there were in the western sky two beings who were self-existing and of whose origin nothing is stated. From their lofty position they saw far to the east a number of Inapertwa, "rudimentary human beings or in-complete men, whom it was their mission to make into men and women." These Inapertwa were of various shapes and lived along the edges of the sea. "They had no distinct limbs or organs of sight, hearing or smell, and did not eat food, and presented the appearance of human beings all doubled up into a rounded mass in which just the outline of the different parts of the body could be vaguely seen." The two sky-beings came down, therefore, from the sky and armed with large stone knives, set to work to make these amorphous objects into men. "First of all the arms were released, then the fingers were added by making four clefts at the end of each arm; then legs and toes were added in the same way. The figure could now stand, and after this the nose was added and the nostrils bored with the fingers. A cut with the knife made the mouth. . . . A slit on each side separated the upper and lower eyelids, hidden behind which the eyes were already present, another stroke or two completed the body and thus, out of the Inapertwa, men and women were formed." Closely similar tales are told by many other tribes of the central area 9 and the south-east, as well as in Tasmania.'"

‘At the time of the retreat of the original sea’ is a direct referent for the geological changes in antiquity, past 100 millions of years back. That was the eon of the first experimentation on Terran humans, which involved the ‘lunar pitris’ (lunar fathers) as revealed by ancient wisdom, a revelation that forms a part of Theos Sophia or divine wisdom.

The said beings volunteered to come to Earth back then, to check on the conditions of life support systems and nature’s evolutes. The evolutes they could have seen was man-like primates that antedated all of today’s primates. Suffice it to state that such primates could have been the copy models for embodying group-soul humans that were on the descending phase of their development in the evolutionary arc.

Two (2) beings could very well signify two (2) teams of ‘pitris’ of creator fathers—‘lunar pitris’ and ‘solar pitris’—who came forth in antiquity, during the galvanization of a new super-continents. The first supercontinent where mankind appeared is what geologists of today call Pangaea or Land of Pan, which mystical circles call Hyperborea and Thule. The other supercontinent, Lemuria, superseded Pangaea.

So graphical is the experimentation on the Pangean evolutes that they practically resemble a laboratory process that involves incision instruments (‘knife’) and grafting of different body parts surgically stitched or glued together. Such a creation of Terrans could have moved on till the Lemurian sub-races, when mankind began to appear in a more physical form than the previous etheric or ‘shadowy’ Pangeans.

It could have been so difficult a process altogether, as some of the experimental humans turned out to be lifeless vegetables. Needless to say, their soul imprints were erased by their creators, so that new souls can be used to embody other experimental forms. These experimentations went on up until the more recent races, with ‘pitris’  from higher dimension worlds landing a hand in the genetic breeding.

[Philippines, 30 June 2011]





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