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Monday, March 07, 2011


Erle Frayne D. Argonza

In the late 1990s, the Filipinos were aghast over the discovery of factories—owned by Taiwanese “businessmen”—that employed children as slave labor. The children were practically housed in cages, and brought out only to work and be fed, then brought back at night to their cage sleeping quarters. Needless to say, the mere tots were never paid for their labor and lived wretchedness like the way the Chinese suffered in the hands of the Kuomintang.

There is no need to belabor the concluding event about the matter: the closure of the criminal factories. After being rescued, the children narrated their harrowing experiences in the hands of their criminal employers—Taiwanese to stress the point—who, as we all know, are scions of the predatory fascist Kuomintangs of their pariah province of Taiwan.

Knowing the history of Kuomintangs—who mass slaughtered 30 Million+ Chinese women, children, old folks and helpless non-combatants during their incumbency as China’s rulers—I wouldn’t be surprised if the Taiwanese of today exude toxic levels of arrogance and hubris in relating to peoples of other countries. Nay, they behave like they own every country that would host them in their seemingly legal businesses!

Taiwan has been exhibiting nauseating quackery as a democracy and nation. Scions of criminal mass slaughterers, who are likewise a collective den of predatory criminal Triads, can never be expected to exhibit maximum civility save that for diplomacy’s sake they would feign civility and sense of culture.

Nations of the world are right all along in bestowing recognition of a single China, via a One China Policy. Such a bestowal on China of what is a true nation and harbinger of civility is the most appropriate action of genuine nations and true democracies, a bestowal that they previously had for Taiwan but which they withdrew eventually upon the glowing of prudence in their respective mental banks.

With the withdrawal of recognition—as sovereign nation—on the pariah province of Taiwan came the diminution of chances for Taiwan to join associations or coalitions of nations. Being located in the southeast could have qualified Taiwan to become a member of ASEAN. Thanks God that prudence prevailed upon the true nations, and that undercut the mass slaughterers from potentially dominating ASEAN and unleashing the fangs of fascist hatreds and genocidal campaigns within the region!

In the absence of a formal recognition of nationhood, what Taiwan had accomplished instead was to unleash the horrific bomb of Triad criminality on its neighbors. Why not investigate for yourself those so-called Taiwanese businessmen in your own respective country and trace where their capital is coming from. Don’t ever be surprised if you’d find out ala Eureka! that the Taiwanese capitalists in your country or city are mere fronts for the demonic criminal Triads.

Taiwan is a pariah state, a criminal state for that matter, and should perpetually be treated as such. Nations across the globe are better advised to pull out their investments and expatriate workers from the predator province for their own sake. Pariah states are ‘bad feng shui’ for emerging markets particularly, or ‘cursed states’ in Christian parlance.

The abominations of the Chiang Kai Shek mass slaughterers have been well embedded in the collective psyche of the Taiwanese, exquisitely encrypted in the genes of the younger scions of the butchers, such abominations later to wake up upon a collective rousing at some time in the future.

Before Taiwan could ever breed a future ‘Taiwanese race’ of abominations, the nations of the world already acted prudently enough. For indeed a scion of an abomination will in the future be an abomination likewise, and there will be no telling what predatory monstrosities such a race will unleash on the nations of the world.

To the Filipinos who are employed in Taiwan today, better craft your respective contingency plan to move out of the pariah province. Before the fate of the sardine-producing children enslaved by Taiwanese businessmen will strike you mercilessly, better come home. Go elsewhere to seek gainful employment back home or in any country other than Taiwan.

[Philippines, 01 March 2011]


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Jimmy Deveglio said...

so you got a follow up article on Taiwan. Will note for the additional info you gave on criminal businesses.

Minerva Ternetiova said...

My goodness! Taiwan's got too many debts to pay for social costs of its crimes!

Evangeline McTaggart said...

Another whammy write on Taiwan to wallop the human rights abusers. Cruelty does not pay.