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Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Erle Frayne D. Argonza

Good evening from the suburban highlands west of Manila!

The world community absorbed another wallop of shocker recently with the double whammy of quake cum tsunami that struck northeast Japan. So severe was the impact of the Reichter 9 quake and the tsunami that left thousands dead and thousands missing, while a nuke plant is being threatened by a meltdown. The usual naturalistic causal explanation was given out which is recycled hubris, given the existence of a quake-generating WMD today: the Tesla Earthquake Machine or TEM.

Japan’s double-whammy-complicated-by-threatening-nuke-fallout experience is no longer calamity in the typical description of the destruction. It was a CATASTROPHE, and let’s all brace for the impact of the next ones to come as there will be more coming. The Reichter 9 intensity quake was just too much to reckon with, and it came barely 16 years after another powerful quake flattened Kobe and led to thousands of dead too.

In an article I wrote much earlier, I already discussed the matter of the Tesla Earthquake Machine or TEM. This Weapon of Mass Destruction or WMD is far more powerful than nuke bombs that are mere boys’ scout toys compared to the former. It is compact and light, can be loaded on a large suitcase, and can be secreted through airports without being detected as WMD—because the broad public is simply ignorant about it.

Before Tesla’s death, he developed yet many a technological myriad based on experiments, couples of which were too advanced for his own time. Being so advanced, Tesla decided to keep the knowledge about them highly secret too, save for a few trusted persons and institutions (inclusive of the United States Defense community). One of such technologies was the quake-generating WMD, so threateningly powerful that it could have raised all of Tesla’s hairs during the dry run phase.

Incidentally, the principles behind those inventions were kept inside the Library of Congress. From there, it could have been inquired on by intelligence assets paid by the Soviet Union that surreptitiously developed the WMD prototype. With the demise of the USSR, many of its choice military technologies landed in the hands of the Russian mafia, the TEM being one of them.

Around the early 90s, certain rouge elements within Japan were able to acquire the TEM via Yakuza networks that got the prototype from Russian rouge elements & mafia. The same prototype was then secreted inside Australia and tested there, which explains quakes in places that didn’t traditionally experience the calamity…Then, in 1995, the Japanese rouge group Aum cult decidedly applied the tested technology on Kobe, hence flattening the city so severely.

Alarmed by the technology, the USA had to rapidly develop its equivalent of the WMD. This was conceived through a gargantuan project, the HAARP, which masquerades as a beneficial project for Americans. Housed in Alaska, the HAARP can generate powerful temblors, super-storms (Katrina was one of them), and thought-control commands on large populations (America’s urban habitu├ęs).

Remember that it was a secret unit of the US Navy that was used to hatch and hide the Philadelphia Project in the 1940s yet. A similar unit there is behind submarine hits to induce quakes using the nuke option first, and then finally the TEM-transducers of the HAARP. I have no doubt that the diabolical group behind this unit did the quaking of China, Indonesia (with tsunami effects), and New Zealand.

Such a diabolical group is the same cabal that is behind the neo-conservatives in the USA who envisioned a world in flames via the war plan they hatched and executed (Gulf War, Afghanistan War, Iraq War). The neo-cons were simply doing their tasks as dictated upon by the elite cabal, whose scary ‘pre-emptive strike’ doctrine could only but speak of the evil madness lurking in the shadows.

The hard question that is tough to crack is: why Japan? Wasn’t Kobe enough to fan hysteria on the islander populace? With Japan’s economy flat from ‘94 through 2004, and almost flat recently, it is all too certain that another recession will flatten Japan in the aftermath of the quaking madness. Isn’t the flattening a clear indication of the colossal level of hatred such a group has on the Japanese people?

I leave the questions to the readers for reflection and discussion. Let me now close this note, with the hope that global citizens’ empathy and prayers will work to hasten the healing for the victims of the catastrophe.

[Philippines, 15 March 2011]


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Namira Minemuro said...

My God! the evil plot of the global elites is getting thicker and catastrophic every time they strike.

Estella Marinduque said...

So this one is a follow up on the New Zealand quake and maybe the latest China quake. Why Japan indeed? why not say Europe?

Hennesy Mirdavue said...

Copy Prof. The anarchic hits by the demonic Illuminati guys are getting more catastrophic by the month and year. Where do they think are they leading humanity to?

dreamsoft said...
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dreamsoft said...
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