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Friday, March 04, 2011


Erle Frayne D. Argonza

Taiwan, the renegade province of China ruled by the fascist butchers Kuomintang, has been bullying the Philippines lately. The bone of contention is PH’s handing over of 14 drug syndicate criminals to China, and Taiwan’s childish ranting is expressed by making it hard for PH expatriate workers to work in the province.

Taiwan is Kuomintang territory, and it remains to be so even if other so-called democrat parties have already emerged there. Kuomintang used to govern China under then Generalissimo Chiang Kai Shek. Under the Kuomintang’s stewardship, China was divisively controlled at the grassroots by warlords who were actually malefactor elements with mafia Triad gangs as their underworld operators.

For the record, Chiang Kai Shek ordered the mass termination of perceived enemies, a genocide that resulted to over 30 Millions of butchery victims. So appalling was the condition of China during the extermination campaign that dwarfs Hitler’s Jewish pogrom several times over. Despite the demonic cruelties of the Kuomintang, the West kept mum about the genocide and instead chose to highlight the mass killers as allies worth their merit in the war against the Axis powers.

But history has the better judgement of the conflict in China, and that judgement led to the expulsion of the nauseating butchers by the victorious Maoist forces in 1949. Confined to the province of Formosa, the Kuomintang butchers were compelled to do their best to consolidate power and befriend the Western oligarchs to the hilt to procure favors for building a post-Civil War economy.

Kuomintang surely had luck on its side as a militarily weak China, which just suffered from the decades-old war with Japan before the civil war inflated to take down China’s economy further, cannot pursue a naval-supported hot pursuit of the demonic butchers. Henceforth, the same mad killers were able to recoup from loses, focused their resources in a territory so small as to be governed by a mere city mayor or so, till finally the painstaking efforts to build a modern Taiwan paid off.

That was the history of how a so-called Taiwan, pretentiously deluding itself to be a nation-state, opened up its borders to expatriate labor. Over 50,000 Filipino expats landed in Taiwan to do a diversity of tasks, from manual to information worker-type jobs.

Accustomed to the old life where malefactor Triad criminals co-looted the economy with the bureaucrats, Kuomintang’s genocidal instincts is on the upscale again. Mob power and fascist power are of the same make-up, as both mob and fascist need each other to support a criminal state. This time around, the fascist butchers have their eyes focused on the Filipino expats, even as they frontally bully PH in the same vogue as their old-time brutal slaughters of Chinese old folks, women and children.

Let it be declared that the Philippines is no dumping ground for Taiwanese mafia criminals, as that dumping ground is no other than Taiwan itself. The Philippine police and Interpol ought to round up as many Taiwanese Mafiosi operating in the Philippines as much as possible, and explicitly exhibit their faces via the tri-media and internet.

I remember very well a former faculty of UP Manila’s social science department who married with a Taiwanese Mafiosi. As per her story, Taiwanese criminals (disguised as businessmen) are in desperate need for Filipino women to marry to provide them legal cover for underworld operations. The young instructor used the Taiwanese criminal to secure funds for her studies (up to her doctorate), while the Taiwanese criminal used her for his legal cover.

Multiply such an experience by hundreds of times over, and you will be able to see for yourself the gigantic scale of operations of criminal Taiwanese Kuomintang babies in the Philippines alone. Cross over to the other countries of ASEAN and you will find out for yourself the same precedent.

How I wish the ASEAN could rise to become a powerful political union soon, and wage a massive ASEAN-wide crackdown of Taiwanese mafia syndicates. The faces of the criminals should be published in encyclopedia form and disseminated world-wide, with a WikiLeaks-type website echoing the same content of criminal faces.

Let the world know what Taiwan really is: a provincial enclave of fascist butchers cum mafia Triad criminals. China better reconsider its plan to integrate the criminal province into its territory, as it will be bad feng shui for an awakening mighty economy to include demoniacs within its broader territorial frame. Leave Taiwan to rot on its own in due time, as what befell many other demonic territories in the past.

[Philippines, 28 February 2011]


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Jimmy Deveglio said...

There you are Prof, citing ideas anew about Taiwan this time. Too strong words, but I appreciate your thoughts.

Sandra Manasah said...

Hmmmm very very informative insights about Taiwan. How come the West denied the butcher demonism of the Kuomintang before? why the absence of war crimes by the UN versus those mad killers?

Ralph Bruckenwerk said...

Now you do give me the scare about the fate of foreign workers there in Taiwan. No wonder that Taiwan is a pariah country, it deserves to be isoloted.

Evangeline McTaggart said...

Butchers, butchers! God, they're worst than Hitler and Stalin! how come world history books is silent about them?

Unknown said...

@Sandra and Evangeline

I can tell you why that is so. If you believe me or not is up to you, however unfortunately those are historical facts:

So, why does the west choose to cover up fascists, dictators and mass murders like chiang kai shek or others like suharto from indonesia?

First of all, what do all these fascist leaders have in common?

- They are all anti-communists.
- They were and some still are supported and funded by america and other western countries.
- They all massacred millions of communists.
- They all are good friends with america and the west.

Are you starting to realize what game is played here? If not have some more facts:

Why did america really paranoically invade EVERY communist country in the last years, the best example is vietnam: The vietnamese people did nothing wrong, they wanted communism, fine. Whats the problem with that?

Who is america to judge and decide what other countries should do and not do???

America is simply as anti-communist as you can get, therefore they even choose to SUPPORT FASCISTS and MASS MURDERS in order to eleminate communism.

They sided with chiang kai shek and supported him in china to get rid of the maoists. Also they choose to cover up those fascists crimes, to make communism look bad and hide their own crimes.

They sided with suharto and supported him to stop a student rebellion in indonesia with force. 1,5 to 3 million people were brutally massacred in the streets of indonesia under suharto. Also the students rebelling were mainly anarchists, leftifts and simply neutral activists and students, yes they had a few marxists to but not many. However since america feared that indonesia may become communist, they choose to support suharto and simply massacre every person rebelling against the fascist indonesian regime.

And that is how it is. The reason those crimes are not spoken of is simply because of pro american propaganda.

Think for a second: If the people knew how evil the american regime was, and how hard they went against communists, the world would hate america and start to love or at least respect communist, or feel sorry for all the innocent communists that have been murdered brutally.

America doesn´t want that to happen, which is why they will do everything they can to hide the truth, even denying the murders of millions of people, and even deny the fact that countries like indonesia and taiwan are fascist regimes. Southkorea to btw, its regime is just as fascist as the indonesian or taiwanese, and south korea is practically the same kind of dictatorship as north korea.

However only north korea gets attacked, and south korea is depicted as an angel.

Again, this is only for propaganda reasons by the american government.

America is scared of communism and communists, which is why they will continue to cover up ANYONE who is against communism, even fascists like shek or suharto.

Erle Frayne Argonza y Delago said...

That was a meaty discussion on the subject from you, Sandra & partner. Thanks for the appreciation! Indeed there's an anti-communist undertone in all of those regimes, as to why US supported them, and so on. However, communists have likewise had histories of mass slaughters, though that is history now, much behind us today. Contemporary communists such as those of Nepal's go the democratic way, a big departure from the totaliltarian ways of the 20th century Marxist parties and movements. PH moderate communists have also taken the parliamentary way, got elected into Congress, and are gaining supporters from the folks.

Unknown said...

Indeed this is a meaty one, thanks for the openess here, normally I would have been kicked out or ignored. Also sorry for my a bit sharp undertone.

Let me clarify: I in no way deny the massacres of stalin or mao for example in tibet. I only wanted to point out that the western nations are no better in terms of massacres and wars.

America alone has fought 30-40 different wars since it was founded. Most of those wars were fought in 1900 to 2014(today) with america as invader. America alone massacred around 200-357 million people. Yes communism has massavred around 100 million, fascism with world war 2 have massacred around 100 million people globally to.

The point is: All sides have blood on their hands. They all killed nearly equally as much. The question is not who killed how much, but the goal and motives and the actions.

There is no angel on no side here. So many dead people in total is a sad and tragic statistik indeed.

Thats all I wanted to say.on this. And im definitely not on the side of north korea or stalinism. Im a marxist partly lenninist.

"a big departure from the totaliltarian ways of the 20th century Marxist parties and movements"

That not entirely true. You have to understand that stalinism doesnt see itself as marxism, but an "advancement of marxism". In essence: Stalinism see´s itself as the better way of marxism. But it doesn´t consider itself to be marxist itself.

North koreas own claimed communism bases on stalinism the so called chuch´e. North korea didnt even have marxism in its constitution to begin with. Even today northkorea doesnt have marxism in its constitution. And in the soviet union marxism slowly got removed from the consitution by stalin and then later chrustshov.

I could go on into the historical detals for this. But this would get extremely long.

Its true that communists are growing in political parlaments, but not much in europe.